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Monday, January 17, 2011

Bashing A Bakery

Yes, I've got a number of projects going at once.  This isn't unusual for me; I find that some days I'm in the mood to work on some, et cetera, et cetera.  For the longest time now, I've been searching for a good bakery kit.  I absolutely adore miniature baking--it's a hobby I share with my mum, who's extremely talented--and have decided that I need somewhere to put it all.  But what to do?

I'm not opposed to kit bashing--I kit bashed the heck out of the as-yet-unrevealed large tudor--but for kit bashing to work, there has to be something reasonable to, you know, bash.  Every possibility I discovered was either too tiny, or too enormous.  On the one hand, nobody wants a ridiculously large bakery.  At least, I don't.  If it's baronial in scope, well then, it might as well be a Dutch coffee house from the 1600's, and I'm not especially interested in reproducing the dawn on the stock market at this time.  And if it's too tiny, it's rather ridiculous.  A bakery needs at least two distinct areas: for displaying and selling, and for baking.

Now, for some time, I've been working on a small outbuilding for a different project entirely.  As I'd rather lost interest in the outbuilding, it's been sitting on my shelf.  It occurred to me that, well, I could take a mallet to that.

Pictures forthcoming but, in the meantime, I have a question: have any of you built bakeries and, if so, how?

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