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Friday, January 21, 2011

Michelle's Miniatures Gypsy Caravan Kit: It Finally Arrived!

Over the next few months, I'll be reviewing kits as I receive them and complete them.  I love reviewing kits, probably because I love making them, and reading others' reviews about them.  Surprisingly, given how popular the hobby is, there aren't that many interesting kits out there.  Which, if you know of any good kits, or kit vendors, and they're not already listed under our "Shopping List", let us know!  Anyway, in this relative vacuum, Michelle's Miniatures is a real standout.

After the beginning of the year, I ordered her gypsy caravan kit.  I was really attracted to the kit, initially, because I like smaller dollhouses, and other dwellings--especially those with lots of personality--and because it reminded me of gypsy caravans I'd seen at the Fryeburg Fair as a child.  I'm sure we're not alone in this, but Maine's largest county fair has a really incredible transportation museum.

After a couple weeks' anticipation, it arrived yesterday--and I already have some very positive things to say about it, and Michelle's Miniatures in general.

The store was very easy to communicate with; I received a notification of my order, another email discussing its likely ship date, and delivery method, and a final email giving me the firm ship date.  The kit itself arrived (from about a thousand miles away) two days later.  I opened the box with great anticipation, and I wasn't disappointed.

The box was very well packed, and the instructions--which I immediately read through--are copious and excellent.  They're very complete, but, at the same time, written in a very encouraging tone.  Unlike a lot of directions, which make you feel bad if you mess up, these explain, clearly and concisely, what you need to do--while, at the same time, encouraging your creativity.

Each individual section is carefully packaged.  You don't have to open everything at once, to begin the kit; you can use each section as you need it.  As someone with a very small work area, who often needs to clean up craft mess quickly--and keep it away from little hands, cat teeth, etc--I appreciate this feature a lot.

Everything is very carefully labeled. 

The detail and craftsmanship of each individual piece is incredible.

I'm really looking forward to beginning this kit--which I'll be able to do soon, once I finish the bakery shell--and I'll keep you updated on my progress!


Cosmo said...

I'd love to know how this turned out. :)

Rhonda McMullin said...

I keep checking back on this post to see more about this kit. Hoping to see an update soon?