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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FOR SALE: Historically Accurate Tudor Fireplace Wall With Optional Open Air Oven

This lovely fireplace wall would be perfect for your historically accurate tudor home or room box.  Unlike many medieval, tudor, and fantasy fireplaces, it's large--like it's "real life" cousins!  Its aged appearance reflecting years of cooking, it's all ready for your pasties, pies, and roasts.  This piece is entirely handmade, and based on photos, sketches, and measurements of the real thing.  It's one of a kind!

The fireplace is "sandstone", aged to replicate years of hard labor.  The center middle section is the main fireplace, where most of the cooking was done.  The left-hand section is the tudor answer to a stovetop; pies, and other items needing a lower temperature (and reacting poorly to open flame!) were cooked here.  The right-hand section is for wood.

A close-up of the "stone". 

I'm a stickler for detail; the soot, grease, etc extend all the way up the chimney column.

The (removable) mantelpiece is unfinished, so you can stain it, paint it, etc to match your own decor. 

A close up of the moulding. 

The fireplace features an optional open air oven.  It's built so that you can enclose it with your own chimney column, if you so desire, thus giving it the "built in" feel.  In real life, there would be chimney walls on either side of the oven front, which would be recessed into the chimney.  Here, the "stone" hasn't been aged, but has been left "new" so you can match it to your own decor.  The oven "floor" (bench) is unfinished, so you can finish it to match your house's exterior.

An aerial view of the fireplace wall.  The oven "floor", on which the oven face rests, is currently attached but can easily be removed.

The overall dimensions of the fireplace are 14 1/4" wide by 6 3/4" tall.  It extends 1" into the room, and needs 3" of backspace.

If you're interested in purchasing it, please visit our Etsy store!

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