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Thursday, January 13, 2011

How To Make Fake Snow

Isn't this snowy tree branch beautiful?

Yes, it is--and it's fake!

Photo courtesy of David Glover

In honor of the blizzard currently trapping us in our house, here's how to make fake snow for your mini scene:

Recipe #1: Mix equal parts kosher salt and baby powder.  The texture of the kosher salt (as opposed to plain old iodized salt) resembles little "flakes".  Because this mixture's dry, when winter's over, all you have to do is vacuum it up.

Recipe #2: shave soap (such as Ivory soap) into small flakes using a fine gauge cheese grater.  One note of caution: don't get it wet!  You want mini flakes, not mini suds.  The "snow" you get won't be quite as fluffy, but it'll be easier to control the scale.

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Laura Matsuyama said...

Thank you for your post. I am not sure if you will even see my response to you but I have been looking something with simple and easy instructions. yours hit the spot!!
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