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Monday, January 10, 2011

My Ultimate Shopping List

I created this blog primarily so I could share my work with family, friends, and anyone else who's interested, but, as it turns out, there are side benefits as well.  Probably the principle side benefit, from an organizational standpoint, is the ability it gives me to keep all my favorite webpages, pictures, etc. in one place.  I've been collecting bits and pieces for inspiration almost since I've been making minis--so there's a lot of them.  My ultimate goal is to make everything I've collected available through this blog.

My first project has been creating my ultimate shopping list: a compendium of the best "DIY" products, furniture, and accessories on the web.  When I started building the tudor house I'm working on now (pictures are coming soon!), I realized, there weren't many directories out there.  What I found was either too large, too out of date, or just plain boring.  I know where to find Houseworks and Aztec Imports products--what I don't know (or didn't know then) is how to find really unique products, the kind of things you see at larger shows.

If you read over our shopping list page, and think something is missing, leave us some advice in the comments!

I'm particularly interested in "smaller scale" 1:12 scale medieval and tudor furniture, furniture kits, and high quality food, kitchen implements, farming implements, and other accessories.

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