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Friday, October 12, 2012

I Can't Believe I Bought It

In further news, after a very, very long period of yearning, I bought myself (with my family's help) my birthday present: an 1880's-era "White Clad" ice box from Shaker Works West.  I will now retire to a darkened room to recover.  Seriously though, there's nothing else on the market even remotely like it.  I've never owned one of Dr. Byer's pieces, but I'm familiar with his work and have always admired it.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Ken Byers
Not only is this the Cadillac of ice boxes, it's the only ice box!  Bizarrely, ice boxes don't seem to be something artisans make--and as Dr. Byers correctly notes on his website, you can't really make your own because the hardware simply isn't available.  The, um, complete and utter desert of misery that is dollhouse hardware is another post altogether.  So when my beautiful new ice box arrives, I'll post pictures and write about it!

It's not for another couple of weeks, but happy birthday to me!


otterine said...

What a wonderful gift for yourself! :D I love his work. And, it is so true that hardware in general is just so lacking.

Christine said...

That is truly wonderful! I can't stop looking at the hardware which gives it such amazing authenticity!

Giac said...

Hello C.J.
It really is a unique treasure. It's beautiful. A very merry unbirthday to you!
Big hug,

Irene said...

That's one grand piece - you lucky girl!