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Friday, October 12, 2012


I really did.  My credit card will never forgive me.  Heh.

We've been having a bit of a beastly time in our neck of the woods and, I suppose, I like retail therapy as much as the next girl.  My wonderful, entirely too supportive husband encouraged me to go ahead and buy the one thing I really wanted (that can be purchased): real marble tile for the Haunted Beacon Hill.  And, well, that led to him pointing out that, really, I shouldn't compromise my vision for the house by using less-than-desired cladding materials.  You can see where this is going.  Pretty soon, I'd bought out the entire store!

I can't say that it made this morning's funeral any less wretched, but it has given me warm and fuzzy fantasies about how I'll distract myself in the upcoming weeks.  

The tile, while ludicrously expensive, is really lovely.  It's pink!  Richard Stacey's entire line, I've recently discovered, is available for sale on eBay.  I don't normally care for eBay, but for some things I'll make the sacrifice.  This is particularly good, because it's not static; you can see, in real time, what sorts of colors of marble they're offering.  I also (hey, why ruin a good thing?) bought some deeply veined gray marble for the conservatory.  I'd originally been planning on going in a completely different direction, but this project has--appropriately for a haunted house, I suppose--taken on a life of its own.

In other news, I'm coming along with the carvings, and should have something to show for myself in that department soon.  I'm really excited to write about it, and show you what I've done.  What's holding me back right now, more than anything, is the mail--waiting for things to arrive!  The time I have (I took a couple of mental health days), the materials...

Also, too, I've been pondering the interior window trim and have realized, in doing that, that having any sort of sense of what I want necessitates having an indoor design plan.  The only room about which I have absolutely no ideas--or no good ideas, I should modify--is the dining room.  Normally I'm mad for dining rooms; I don't know what it is, this time.

On a final note, my son behaved really, really well today.  Jim and I were commenting that if only he were old enough, we'd take him out for an ice cream and presents.  He put up with quite a bit--strange, looming people not the least of which--and handled himself wonderfully.  Now, of course, everyone thinks we have the perfect baby!  Which, of course, we do.

Back at home, with Teddy.
I'm still sort of struggling along with the catacombs...
I hope everyone else's week has ended on a high note.


Michelle said...

The ole credit card can be good for splurging once in a while!

I was going to say did you buy via Richard Stacey, I have only seen the pink granite on Ebay though (not seen it on his website). I was tempted to buy the pink for a project of mine...the jury is still out.

His son now runs the business. You only need ask if you need to know where to source supplies in the UK, I will try my best to help! ;o))

Your son looks wonderfully behaved...well he's always smiling! :o)))

Michelle :o))

C.J. said...

Thank you, you're so nice <3

Daydreamer said...

I am developing a serious case of Project envy.. LOL!!! This House is Truly going to be a Masterpiece!!!
I'm sorry you had a beastly time and a funeral... that can be so disheartening... Keep your spirits up any old way .... and kiss your beautiful Baby!!

Giac said...

Hello C.J.
I am sorry for your loss.
Every once in a while we need a little help from our credit card friends...just a little "pick me up". I can't wait to see the marble floors, but I'm most excited about your carving work.
Big hug, and one to that wonderful little son of yours.