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Monday, October 22, 2012

Lights! And Other Hauls!

The pink bats were, maybe, an homage to something in my subconscious.  I'm a huge Elton John fan, and he's serenaded me quite a bit during this project.  In any case, less pink bats--and a l'oeil de boeuf window that's, um, somewhat unusual--are coming.

In the meantime, some treats have arrived!  I bought several lighting fixtures; I'm still waiting on the second batch (the shop apparently had to special order it), but the first finally arrived.  That was a special order, too.  Which brings me to my first question: what's going on at Clare Bell Brass Works?  I've noticed that, recently, much of their line has been exceedingly hard to find--and what is available isn't, actually, available.  Inventory is, I'm told, really hard to come by.

At a job site earlier today.

The above picture represents the end of four years' worth of work.  Hey, it was a growth experience!  I don't know what everyone else does for work, but, sometimes, don't you just want to slam something (like your head) into a wall?  Now that this case is finally over, I should probably be nostalgic...but I'm not.  It was my First Big Case; I went in naive and stupid, and came out...naive and stupid but slightly more highly paid.

We're apparently taking publicity shots of ourselves now.  Or, at least, trying to convince our overseas relatives that we're not quite as loony as they think.  Mission impossible, right?
I like things meant for model trains.  Most of the LED's and other electrical equipment I bought are.  In particular, I'm excited from this "fire kit" from Evan's Designs.  Most of their stuff is pretty reasonably priced, so if it all turns out to suck I'm not out too much.  Unlike usual.  Then again, considering what we pay for Jackson's baby food, maybe I should stop beating myself up about it.

My haul.

High hopes!

Clare-Bell's "orient express" lamp.

This haul comes from Evan's Designs, S and P Miniatures, Swan House (thank you Greg for special ordering all of this for me!) and eBay.  I'd been searching high and low for a suitable newel post lamp (which is really more Eastlake Victorian than Gothic Revival, but who cares) and, surprisingly, there really isn't anything good.  At least, not in my price range!  I finally found this little Asian-style dolphin lamp which, once it's had a bit of a paint treatment--the "gold" color it comes in is ghastly--will, I think, fit the bill.  I'm also considering rewiring it with a (different colored) LED.  But that might be a bit over the top.

Thank you eBay, you veritable trove of delights!

These Nova-Lytes have been a bit tough to find, too; these were special ordered from Swan House (and at a really reasonable price; not everything they sell is expensive).  I'm planning on using them in a few places where I need illumination but not, necessarily, a light.  Like in the crypt.  We shall see.  Jim says he'll help me install them; he has a great deal more aptitude for wiring than I do.

Clare-Bell sconces!

I really like their shades.

And then, well, there's the increasingly bizarre family of creatures who actually live in this house.  Inspiration-wise, it's something of a hodge podge, but hey.  Aren't real houses?  As an excuse to hoard little vials of potions, etc etc etc, my resident wizard is something of a chemist.  Who, indeed, has quite the home office.

From S and P Miniatures.

"Syphilis Can Be Cured" just cracks me up.  As do the leeches.  Hey, not everyone wants a love potion.

I plan on giving this sign (which will go somewhere near the front door) a chemical wash and, hopefully, a nice patina.  Wouldn't want anything encouraging, would you?

Well naturally.

Another view of the would-be newel post lamp.

Every lawn needs an abandoned croquet set.

Who knows when I'll actually get to start installing these lights.  And as for the rest of it--it'll just all just have to wait!  A long time!  At the rate I'm going, Jackson will be taking the SAT's before this house is done.  Which is just as well, because how many more dollhouses do we really have room for?


otterine said...

Marvelous haul! I'm planning to build a croquet set one of these days...the one you found is wonderful! If that's a NovaLyte can light, I have used those and have a post on my blog about fitting and wiring them. :] I love Evan Designs stuff, too, though the fire didn't work so well for me. I'll be interested to see what you think of it.

Michelle said...

Going on the first photo, I dare not take an educated guess as to what you do for a living! :o))

I love Clare Bell miniatures and own a few bits, but none of her lights. The first one you show, I do want a few of, Hogwarts and Harry Potter sets have a number of them.

I have quite a few different lights from Evan Designs, even the tiniest ones. I thought they were really cheap, so I didn't mind if any broke (they haven't).

Love the croquet set, wonderfully made!!! :o))

Michelle :o))

Steinworks said...

what a great haul! Dont worry, while he's away at college you can finish up the dollhouse. (hehehe...just kidding)

Marisa :)

Irene said...

Lots of lovely goodies there. I particularly like the dolphin light.