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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Haunted Beacon Hill--Shell So Far

So I've been spending a few late nights (and really early mornings) working on the Beacon Hill.  While I haven't gotten as far as I'd like, I'm pretty pleased with what I have managed to get done.  There's still a lot of foundation work left to do--particularly on the cliffs/landscaping, front porch, and catacombs--but at least now, finally, the house's ultimate form is starting to emerge.

First, I built the "basement" level, which will also support the landscaping.  I've left most of the trim off the house, because I plan on doing some serious renovations.  The porch in particular is going to look very different once I'm done with it.  The roof is half built, because I'm considering hiding some wiring in the gaps. 

 Yes, it's huge.

This form will eventually be covered with paper clay and painted, so it looks like cliffs instead of floral foam.

The catacombs (which are loosely based on some real life catacombs) are going to be a combination of brick and stone.  Adding this in was actually Jim's idea--he has very good ones, and is quite patient in listening to me rant about dollhouses--and I really like how it's turning out.  Catacombs say, "this is a haunted house," without being too obvious about it.  You need a few creepy elements, right?

The "altar" area is missing--well, apart from the actual altar--its decoration.  It'll look better once I'm done with it, I promise!

The beginnings of a hidden staircase...

Then, upstairs, the dining room is now a reasonable size.

I more or less have the design for the parlor worked out...I think.   One issue, design-wise, that I'm having is I'm not quite sure where to put the lighting.  I know where to put the hidden lighting (just to give some sense of ambient light) but as for sconces, ceiling fixtures, etc...ugh.  This house is roughly 1880's, so gas light is appropriate--but how much of it?

I have big plans for that poor stove.  I'm really looking forward to finishing both sides of the basement.  The storeroom will be fun to decorate...if I ever get there.  So far, I'm going at the pace of snail.

The cliffs are mostly still a work in progress--but a fun one!

This bizarre half round shape is going to be a little formal garden with a balustrade.  I've seen arrangements like this in real life, both here and overseas, and think it suits the general theme.  Plus, it's a good excuse to use my Sue Cook sundial.

This is what I suppose will end up being the master bedroom, but I'm running short of inspiration for it at the moment.

This is probably meant to be the bathroom, but I'm going to turn it into a small library.

This is going to be a wizardly sort of little office area.

And this will be another bedroom.

As you've undoubtedly noticed, the tower is sort of floating on top of the house.  I'm leaving it detachable until I've finished decorating it; I envision it as some sort of little stargazing/spellcraft nook.  The roof is going to be glass.  It's a very small space, but I have high hopes.

After I finish the basic wood forms for the catacombs, my next project will be extending the porch and giving it a Gothic flair.

So that's it so far!  If you want to know how I did anything, let me know and I'll write about it.


Daydreamer said...

It looks to me as though you are a very Fast (and Ambitious!) Snail!! LOL! You have accomplished a huge amount on a huge project! I am fascinated by you cliffs and catacombs.... My Castle Dollhouse has the beginnings of a Cliff/Cave/Wizards lair for the base.... So I'll be watching your project closely!!

Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

Very stunning and promising project! Will be following the process with big interest. Natalia

Jasmine Blanche said...

I can't believe you are building this! I am new to blogging and just happened upon it and I have to say I have been sketching designs for a vampy-neo victorian dream dollhouse and am so excited that someone else is fascinated with haunted dollhouses! I am so excited to see your progress on this project!

Michelle said...

I love this kit (and have always wanted it, the VAT and duty would make the kit so high if I had it shipped to the UK! lol)and I love what you're doing to it! I recognise the greenhouse kit on the side and one that you've added Gothic arches to, too! :o))

I gather all the extra and special cut pieces you have done on your new table saw! :o)Wonderful work.

My friend has this kit and it also on rocks, it's a haunted house, but it doesn't have the room amongst the rocks. :o)

Love the vase with the brushes in, by the telly! lol

Michelle :o))

Irene said...

This is going to be so interesting to follow. I love catching a project at the very beginning of the build and it sounds as if you've put a lot of thought into it. I'm intrigued by the cliffs too!

Janice said...

Gosh I am in awe at the scale and vision of your project. I have been studying all your photographs and love looking at all how you are putting all the different pieces together.
Fascinating I can't wait for the next instalment.

Giac said...

Hello C.J.
It's always a pleasure to see your wonderful ideas. It will be a wonderful project and the ideas for the catacombs are just inspired.
Wonderful work, as usual.
Big hug to you and the little guy,