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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Read My Tutorials In AIM!

If you haven't yet, you really need to start reading the Artisans In Miniature iMag.  It's by far the best miniatures magazine available, and you can download it in PDF form for free!  All you need is a (free) Scribd account, and directions for how to get one are on the site.  The AIM iMag comes out monthly, and is absolutely packed with interesting features.  March's issue has a Tudor theme, which is, of course, particularly interesting to me--and I'm sure to some of you as well.

Some of my favorite features in this month's magazine are several incredible features about dolls--including a realization of one family's genealogy in miniature, and an absolutely fabulous depiction of Henry VIII and his wives--and "Tudor Estate Agents", a selection of beautiful miniature properties.

As I told my husband yesterday, after I first read it, the fact of my inclusion in this magazine is highly complimentary to me.  I am, truly, the least imaginative, and the least talented member of a fabulous group. That I'm included at all helps me to take my own work more seriously, and encourages me to improve.  It's a tremendous blessing, keeping company with such excellent artisans.

There are several excellent free projects--not just by me--this month, including petit point cushions, a "pottage" recipe, printables, and directions for knitting your own (mini) monmouth cap.  And, of course, you can see my tudor brick making tutorial, and Part I of my thatched roof tutorial.  I highly recommend checking them all out!

And, speaking of which, I worked for hours--to absolutely no avail--on my thatched roof tutorial yesterday, producing quite a bit of mess and no decent results.  I really do know what I'm doing...sort of...but part of creating, sometimes, is mistaking.  I had a "brilliant" new idea that didn't pan out so wonderfully, so we're back at square one...with a beard trimmer...this morning.  

Don't despair, though...a viable tutorial really is on its way!  Stay tuned!  And now, back to work...

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