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Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Need A New Camera--Any Suggestions?

There's a lot of great things about my current camera, but one area where it doesn't excel is in up-close shots of my miniatures.  Everything comes out warped!  I need a camera that can take good detail shots, that isn't so prone to the curse of fisheye.

Any suggestions?


Lirael said...

Depends on your budget :)
A DSLR is expensive, but makes a great investment if you're really interested in photography. You have to be willing to spend some 400 dollars at least I think.
If you're more of a snapshot person, I would recommend a compact camera. Most of those have a macro option nowadays which is awesome for making photos of miniatures. These cameras are available for around 100-150 dollars I'm guessing.
Walk and ask around in a shop specialized in photography and you'll get some decent advice made to measure your needs.
Good luck finding the right camera :)

Sierra said...

I wish you lived closer to me. You could just use my spare one. The above post is right. For great close-ups, a DSLR with a macro lens would be ideal. But it would also be expensive. I recommend going to your local camera shop and trying a few cameras out. They will let you shoot with a few display models and find one right for you. Then you can buy the one you choose online for cheaper :-)

Kristina A said...

My dad sent me a camera suggestion- I'll forward to you- it was around $400 so I haven't considered it yet. It's supposed to be the best though- he knows. He used to sell the blueprints to the camera companies, and knows which models cheap out on what.