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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pot Belly Stoves Don't Have To Be, Either!

Black, that is.

As with the cook stoves, these paint jobs are inspired by real stoves.  I have no actual houses to put them in yet, and am not entirely sure where they'd fit, anyway.  But this is a fun kit to make, and inexpensive, so I figured it was OK to experiment.

I saw a full-sized one in this color, and thought it was beautiful.  After assembly, I sprayed the whole thing with Testors light ivory.  The pad is Testors flat black, and the metal is, predictably, Testors metallic gold.  This is not an ad for Testors, I promise.  I also like Delta Ceramcoat acrylic craft paint.  And Nutella.  Heh.

Here, I used Model Master interior blue/green.  It came out a little more pastel than I'd envisioned, but I like it.   The shiny bits are Testors stainless steel "metalizer" and, of course, the rest of the "cast iron" is Testors flat black.

And here's the plain old vanilla model (this time without rust):

And, finally, with stainless steel dressy bits:

I think I may use this one in the not-Lincoln.

Too pastel?

Mr. Awesome enjoyed watching me take these pictures.  He's a good mascot.  And, just the other day, he got his first tooth!

And that's all there is, folks.

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Shaneesi said...

Love this stove - where did you buy it from? I have a dolls beach house and I'm looking for a pretty stove. This one would be ideal. You've coloured them well and they're inspiring.