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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Have A New Table Saw!


I just had to share.  I have small table saws, suitable for most miniatures applications, but nothing large enough to, say, cut huge, unwieldy sheets of MDF with.  It's gotten really frustrating, being dependent on other people for services I can perform for myself--like cutting certain sizes of plywood, etc.  I'm a competent woodworker and, besides, this stuff is not rocket science.  Since I'm now at the point where I really need to start building the Haunted Beacon Hill's basement, now's the time.

What finally pushed me over the edge was a semi-unpleasant conversation with a supplier of custom cut MDF panels.  Who basically told me he was too busy to walk to the post office, but if I wanted to arrange a courier to come to his shop, that would be OK--and he'd bill me for his trouble.  So, um, yeah.

Will my new toy pay for itself any time soon?  

Probably only with sanity points!


Mini Southern Millworks said...

what type of sew did you get ?

Mini Southern Millworks said...

OOOOPs that is saw instead of sew

Giac said...

Hello C.J.
Now that is customer service at it's best...what is happening to people??? I think the saw is a great investment. You make such outstanding and incredible miniatures I'm shocked you didn't allready have one. I can't wait to see the basement, I've been following the haunted Beacon Hill on and it is coming together just spectacular! I hope the baby is doing well!
Big hug,