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Monday, September 10, 2012

Model Cars That Should Exist

Spending quite a bit of money I don't really have to spend, I (with my husband's encouragement) made up for a truly horrible day by purchasing a few model kits.  I already have a 1:16 Phantom II in my closet (along with my Franklin Mint dolls--tell no one), just waiting to be put together.  And, well, the 1:12 Datsun was calling my name.  I think it'd be an awesome addition to my Horrible Rural Shack.

Which brings me to my first question: why are 1:12 scale models quite so expensive?  I mean, sure, they're larger so they'll cost more...but hundreds of dollars for a box of extruded plastic?  Really?

Second, has anyone else used 1:14 or 1:16 scale cars (or bikes, or trucks, or whatever) in their scenes?  Has it worked?

And, finally, on a really mostly unrelated note, there should be better (or existing at all) kits of the following cars:
  1. Tucker Torpedo
  2. Stanley K Raceabout
  3. Delahaye Cabriolet (the 135 would be OK, too)
  4. Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic (or the 735 B)
  5. Daimler-Maybach 1889 "Steel Wheel"
  6. Phantom Corsair
  7. Edsel Corsair (an ad running in "Life" proclaimed that "the Edsel is here to stay!")
  8. Jaguar XK120
  9. Stutz Bearcat (Mr. Burns owns one, as do Dirk Pitt and several of Anne Rice's characters)
  10. 1958 Plymouth Fury
  11. 1936 Ford Siebert combination ambulance/hearse (um...great)


otterine said...

I used a plastic remote control 1:14 scale Audi TT in my Newport garage (before I sold the house -- now I need to build a new garage). It's a little cheap looking in person, but it photographs wonderfully.

The lights work, too, but you have to prop up the back wheels so it doesn't zoom out of the garage at you. :D

Christine said...

I think 1:16 scale would probably look better against a 1:12 house as 1:12 cars are so enormous and can look disproportionately large.

Michelle said...

I have a 1/12th scale 3 wheeled vehicle (shown on my blog, the makers also make vintage and modern vehicles too).

They are made of heavy tin but don't look it. I plan to age my vehicle though. I love the vintage style cars! I bought mine in the UK and my one cost £23.00 and the others weren't highly priced either. :o)

Michelle :o))