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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Creatin' Contest Update

So...I have good news!

The first piece of good news is, I'm (believe it or not) almost done with my Creatin' Contest entry for this year.  Of course, the bad news is, I won't be able to show you any pictures until  around Thanksgiving.  But hey, at least it's coming along!  My biggest challenge right now is figuring out which four pictures to submit.  There's a strict limit, otherwise I'd probably send a few extra...

The second piece of good news is, pretty soon I'll be back to work on the Tudor Bakery.  I'm excited to try out some new techniques...and to create those windows!  I'm going to use the smallest window for my stained glass window tutorial.

And, finally, I've changed some of the blog's static content...I'd love your feedback.

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