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Friday, February 4, 2011

FOR SALE: 1:24 Scale Saltbox Colonial

Bethel House is an authentic dual side access saltbox colonial.  Its dimensions are taken from an actual house.  Featuring 12 rooms, it has plenty of space for all your minis.  Every feature is individually hand carved; Bethel House is comprised of over 2,500 individual pieces.  Pictures don't do it justice; it has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

NOTE: Please excuse the fisheye; it's my camera, not my subject.

A detail of the living room fireplace. 

A detail of the dining room fireplace.

Each of Bethel House's rooms feature historically accurate custom woodwork and colors.  Nothing is "out of the box".  Everything is custom-carved and one of a kind.

Bethel House from the front. 

The dining room. 

Another view of the dining room. 

The front hall is based on the front hall in John Adams' house in Quincy, MA. 

Another view of the front hall. 

A view of the custom staircase through the dining room door. 

Another view of the custom staircase. 

A close-up of the lintel. 

The living room. 

Another view of the living room. 

This living room is based on a living room in Bethel, ME.

All of the doors are custom-created for the house. 

The upstairs right front bedroom. 

Another view of the right front bedroom. 

The upstairs hall. 

Another view of the upstairs hall. 

The upstairs left front bedroom. 

Another view of the upstairs left front bedroom. 

The attic fireplace. 

The attic spans the length of the house. 

Bethel House's front snaps on and off. 

The upstairs rear right bedroom. 

Another view of the wallpaper. 

The upstairs rear hall, or workroom. 

The upstairs rear left bedroom; the color scheme is based on the "small" dining room at Mount Vernon. 

The roof is hinged. 

Bethel House, from the back. 

The storage room. 

The kitchen. 

A close-up of the panelling. 

The kitchen features a historically accurate built-in fireplace.

Bethel House from the side. 

A bird's eye view. 

A close-up of the window.

Bethel House is one of a kind!

We're asking 1,900.00 USD.  SOLD!

We will deliver for free within a 100 mile radius; please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns.

International customers, please contact us to arrange shipping details.


Sierra said...

This is amazing! You have such a talent and eye for detail. If I was rich....

Becca said...

want! but I don't have the $ to spare

C.J. said...

Thank you! :-)

BLANCHE said...

È impressionante la somiglianza del soggiorno di questa meravigliosa casetta con quella del video-cartone animato preraffaellita di Aron Bothman.....:-o....o forse è davvero la stessa! Se hai voglia, dai un'occhiata nel mio blog:

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