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Friday, June 22, 2012

Where's the Flocked Wallpaper?

I guess I just love fuzzy things.

But how come no one makes it anymore?  I had quite a nice selection in my (old) studio, which, like the space itself, has gone the way of the dodo.  I was so sad to find out it was gone, and have been searching for more ever since.  As I've absolutely no idea how one might go about making flocked wallpaper--at least, not without serious supplies--this is really pretty frustrating.

Know of any (reliable) sources?

And what else do you wish you could find?  Also on my own personal wishlist are...
  1. Furniture pieces (such as Houseworks manufactures in basswood) in hardwood.  I'd so like the opportunity to order mahogany cabriole legs, splats, etc.  For us inferior woodworkers, who lack the skills to create cabriole legs ourselves, this would truly be delightful.
  2. Better tiles.  I loathe plastic tile sheets; they never come out quite right for me.  But my dollhouses would, I'm certain, love a delft tile surround on at least one fireplace.
  3. Better kits for kitchen furniture--like ice boxes.  As I lack the funds to purchase one of Ken Byers' lovely ice boxes (complete with period authentic hardware...drool), I find I'm stuck.  Chrysnbon makes a nice ice box kit but, of course, it's plastic.  Although I'm planning on experimenting with said plastic to see if I can make it look like anything, well, to be honest, I'm not optimistic.
  4. Better dollhouse bathrooms--in kit form or otherwise.
  5. Historically accurate wall-to-wall carpet.  You know, with an actual design on it.  If you don't believe me, check out pictures of Lincoln's (real) Springfield Home, etc.  This stuff was in common usage for quite some time, as the quality of the wood used on the floors themselves was so bad.  But it was, of course, patterned--usually with something of an oriental look.  Like hotel carpet today.
  6. Better carpets generally.
  7. Windows with actual window panes.


Steinworks said...

those things are quite expensive and if I had the money I'd buy everything on your list (my fantasy is to have all of the Thorne rooms but that's just a fantasy)

did you google flocked paper? I found some but it looks expensive

have a great weekend


C.J. said...

The problem that I've encountered is, while it's fairly easy to find attractive human-scale flocked wallpaper, it's very, VERY hard to find miniature-scale. Or, at least, something that'll work in a 1:12 scale scene. There used to be quite a bit of it for sale on eBay but, sadly, none has appeared recently. It doesn't appear to be made properly for miniatures anymore?

TerraFirma said...

I really respect the quality of your work... It's a joy to see creations that have been so meticulously researched and executed. Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us.

You obviously have the dedication to DIY when commercially produced items are inferior or lacking altogether, so I thought you might be interested in this idea for creating custom flocked wallpapers:

I haven't used flocking powder myself, but it immediately came to mind when reading your post. Available at big box craft stores in the US, it comes in many colors, from muted to bright. It occurs to me that with the correct rubber stamp, a glue, rather than an ink pad, and flocking powder, one could create custom papers for each room.

There are many sophisticated stamp designs available (damask, fleur de lis, etc) and the scale could be quite compatible.

Here's a link to basic info on using flocking powder on paper crafts:

Anyway, just a thought. Take Care!