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Monday, November 5, 2012

A Post About Nothing

I've finally finalized a design I really like for the library...the first was lame and the second, as it turned out, wouldn't work in my space.  I'm hoping to post pictures soon, but since in the process of discovery I've used up a couple of key supplies...there's a delay.  On that front, actually, I've been having some very pleasant correspondence with Green Gables Dollhouse, which has been supplying the most recent part of this adventure.

I'm also trying to decide how, if at all I want to use my awesome grasscloth wallpaper.

Hopefully soon, too, I'll be ready for the big reveal as far as the living room ceiling.

Jackson was Yoda for Halloween.
On a final note, a question: does anyone have any good suggestions for "how to" books on flower and plant making?  Apparently Pepperwood Miniatures offers "how to" books of their own, which is really exciting considering the quality of their work, but they don't seem to respond to email.  I've tried several times, unsuccessfully, to contact them.  I'd really like to try my hand at plants (hello, greenhouse!) but I'm pretty inexperienced in this area.  And while there are some promising-looking kits out there, none of them are really for the plants I need.

How's everyone else?


Janice said...

Now that's a very cute mini!!
Can't help with the flower books unfortunately as I have always used kits.

Giac said...

Hello K.T.
Jackson is so cute! I want him! I'm sohappy you have such a greta, healthy little boy. He is just perfect.
Sorry, back to minis. I'ma fraid I haven't tried my hand at plants yet. I have seen a few articles in past miniature collector magazines, but no books per say. I was going to try to find blog tutorials when the time comes. i hope you find what you need...God he is a cute kid!!!
Big hug to you and Jackson,

C.J. said...

Giac, your little guy will be just as cute :-)

Giac said...

Hello C.J.
No word of a lie, I was entering a contract when I thought "I didn'y call her C.J. in the comment I left!" sorry, I blame Jackson...How could anyone concentrate while looking at such a handsome gentleman!

Karin Corbin said...

Pepperwood miniatures might not have responded as they went to the Philadelphia show.

Maybe they stayed away from home a little longer for Thanksgiving?

Patience my dear, they will respond.

Blondie said...

You inspired me, so I wrote about you in my blog today. :) Happy New Year!!

Pandora said...

Hello KT,

Just found your blog! Beautiful work and super creative ideas and tips. If you are still looking for a plants/gardens 'how-to' books, I purchased this one and find it to be absolutely invaluable!

'Making Miniature Gardens' by Frieda Gray

Pandora said...

Ooops, sorry! I meant 'Hello C.J.' .... but my brain got trapped elsewhere! LOL!

martha hansen said...

That baby is just too cute there! I am currently trolling your very informative blog from beginning to end, and I was able to keep quiet about it until just now. So cute! And thank you so much for taking time to do this blog, even though it is in the past. From Colrain, MA.