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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Lack of Progress

There's nothing to post, picture-wise, about the Chrysnbon kits.  This is due to a couple of things: first, we've been looking at pieces of land to build on and, today, put in an offer--which was accepted!  It's a very exciting development...but now the hard part begins.  As of yet, we have no real sense of our timeline--that'll depend on too many as-yet undetermined factors.

Second, it's been so humid here--and now rainy!  We've been hovering in the 75--95% range, with a few days at 99% humidity.  It's been a real treat, let me tell you.  I (finally) managed to get a second coat on some of the aluminum pieces, and a first coat on the others.  I should have some developments worth writing about in the next few days, though.  After an action-packed week (and a day of work-related meetings, tomorrow), we're excited for a boring weekend.

In the meantime, I'm still working on my "cast iron" sub-assemblies, and eating some wonderful pie.


Steinworks said...

congratulations :)

Giac said...

Hi CJ,
Congratulation on the purchase! Hope the humidity dies out soon.