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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tell Me About Yourself!

I talk about myself on here all the time; it's an unfortunate habit I have in real life, as well.  But it occurs to me that I know very little about most of my readers--so tell me about yourselves!  Where do you live?  Married?  Partnered?  What else do you do for work/love/fun, aside from miniatures?  Ten children?  Happily child free?  What?

Mascot Baby enjoys his cornbread.
And I doubt anyone has questions about me, but I'll answer those as well (I think!)


Giac said...

Hello CJ,
I swear when I see a picture of that little guy I forget anything I just read.
I live in Montreal and both my parents are Italian. I married my husband 6 years ago this September and we have been on the adoption waiting list for 2 years now. Character wise I am my mother and her mother. I studied French cooking, worked in restaurants for a few years and decided the schedule was not what I wanted in life, then I studied interior design but by the end of the course I realized it was not a good profession to make a living in Montreal. The past 6 years I have worked in the finance department of a film distribution company. I actually like having a "calm" desk job because it permits me to daydream a little and the regular hours are great. Aside from that I love cooking and any free minute is spent on miniatures or reading about architecture and classic buildings I love. I love watching movies, but do so rarely because it interferes with concentration on my minis.
In a nutshell, that's me.
Big hug,

Steinworks said...

Hi CJ,
I live in a Small Village in Ohio,Im married (to the Preachers son and I met him when I lived in California) we have 3 dogs and 3 cats ,we dont have any children and we are in our late 50's but we have a lot of Neices and one nephew that makes up for it. we had an accident coming back here and Rich was hurt, I was driving and I still feel guilty about it. Im working to supporting us so sometimes I have to be creative with finances (which means I cant buy a lot of cute mini's like the other bloggers but I learned how to make things so Im happy) I work for a marketing company I've been here 9 years, the Mayor and I have made up (thats on my blog if you want to read it) she bought my detergent bottle mini with the old washer so we aren't butting heads anymore, this Saturday Im going to the Historical Society for a meeting maybe I can put my mini's in the mueseum that would be a dream come true I hope Im good enough(Oh my god.. I live in Mayberry RFD) thats about it for me


C.J. said...

Giac, I remember when you and your husband joined the waiting list! Two years seems like an awfully long time; how long is the typical wait? I really hope you hear something soon! And, I grew up (at least during part of my childhood) not terribly far from you, just over the border in Maine. Mr. CJ is French Canadian.

Marisa, that's how I got into making minis, too--I couldn't afford what I wanted, so I taught myself how to make it. With, I must admit, varying degrees of success but I'm still at it! I'm sorry about your husband's accident; I'm sure he doesn't blame you, and feels lucky that he has you to love him and take care of him.

C.J. said...

Also, my son is turning two today! It's a big day for all three of us. We're so happy to have him, and he gets more awesome each day.

Steinworks said...

Well tell him Happy Birthday from me :)

Giac said...

Hello again C.J.
Happy birthday Jackson! (It is Jackson is it not, darn old age!) The average wait for adoption in Quebec is 7 years. Quebec has some very ridiculous laws and rules when it comes to children. It is a long time, but we are travelling, renovating, and spoiling our niece, godchildren and friend's kids until then.
I hope the little guy has a SUPER birthday.
Joyeux anniversaire!

Daydreamer said...

Gosh, when you put it that way, I suddenly feel shy...!
I am no longer married, but have two grown sons... so I really LOVE seeing your pictures of your boy! I live in Western Mass but work over the border in Vermont (where I lived for many years) at a private boarding high school. I work a desk job in the business office, and welcome the regular routines.... I sometimes wish I was just making minis all day... but I think I will get there when I retire in another dozen years! I have loved dollhouses all my life and am a House design junkie.... my father is an Architect so I think it is in my blood! I was too busy raising my boys to get anything done with dollhouses for years... but I kept my childhood dollhouse and it was the first one I started on when I got back into it a few years ago.... all my long stories about it are over on my blog.... Lots of LONG stories! LOL!
Gee, thanks for asking! :)