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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mt. Hope Farm: Done!

Mt. Hope Farm is now completed and ready for sale.  It should be making an appearance (along with a few rugs, plants, and other things) on Etsy within the next few days.  In the meantime, here are some glamor shots.  Some came out better than others; the learning curve is pretty steep and next time I'll have a better sense of what to bring with me in terms of props, etc.

Mr. CJ came with me to help take pictures.



Michelle said...

This is nothing less than magnificent! The photo's show and prove it could indeed be a real life/sized house and that makes it outstanding alone! It's perfectly aged and weathered and you have a perfect eye for just enough detail!

Your chimney stack is unusual though. I've never seen one with roughened stone around the top nor one without chimney pots. Is the latter) this something rare in the US or something quite common?

I love it! Wonderful Mr C.J too for help taking such fab photo's! :o))

C.J. said...

Thank you!!!

Re: the chimney stack, yes, this is quite common in (parts of) the US. Chimney pots, however, are rarely if ever seen and then in later-era "British style" reproductions. Which can be, er...something else. Around where we live now, chimneys like this are on almost every house. It depends on what stone can be quarried locally; in Ohio it's sandstone but along the northern coast it's granite.

Re: the photos, I actually took most of them :-) Mr. CJ did take a few excellent ones, though. And he provided excellent moral support, as well as heavy lifting assistance.

Michelle said...

Well you took some superb photo's, and where would any miniaturist be without moral support and valuable assistance.;)

I'm guessing now you will resume work on your original project (the name escapes me!). lol :o)

I missed a bracket around '(the latter)' on my last comment, dontcha love typo's! lol :o)

iseecerulean said...

Fantastic :)

Daydreamer said...

Wow! Very Impressive! The photos are beautiful and the atmosphere is so real!!! I've walked around in houses that looked just like that! The photo shoot site is sweet too.... Spring is in the air.... the Willows are turning yellow.... soon the grass will be green! It is so much fun to see the house outdoors in a great spot... Bravo for a Fantastic and Fast project! I would have a hard time letting it go... but I know you are doing it for a good cause. I wish you good luck with your sales!

Steinworks said...

oh I have no words for this house It's just so perfect like it's tucked away in time waiting for the owners to come back and finish decorating..this will not wind up in someones basement I can tell you that the detail is just I have to go back and look at it all again you do great work!


Rudder Heineken said...

This is truly amazing. I loved the forced perspective.

You are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your techniques!

Giac said...

Hello CJ,
It is scary to think that this is not real life. It really is museum quality. The exterior is superb and it is the reason I will attempt egg carton bricks. you got such small, tiny detail into every aspect of this house. It is incredibly realistic. it just blows my mind away as well as the dozens of people, non miniaturists, whom I have shown it to. Fantastic! this really is a masterpiece. Love, LOVE, LOVE IT! You have my admiration and upmost respect.
Big hug,

C.J. said...

Thank you so much!!! Now, if only I could find it a good home...