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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kit Bashing Greenleaf Dollhouses

If you've been following along, you know that Mt. Hope Farm started out as the Laurel from Greenleaf.  Instead of the Primrose addition, I made my own as well as adding and subtracting a number of different features.  Greenleaf kits are awesome--at least I think so--and one of the things that makes them so awesome is how how much potential they have in terms of modification. 

I'm working on four different projects right now, two of them in the fantasy/medieval realm (no pun intended).  One started out life as a Glencroft kit, and one as an Aster Cottage kit.  Both are, right now, in the earliest stages of development.  I thought, if anyone was interested, I'd show specifically what it is I'm changing.

The Aster Cottage is, as these things go, fairly historically accurate.  Except for the number of windows but hey, this is fantasy.  The general blueprint for these houses was one or two rooms on the ground floor, occasionally with a sleeping loft.  There aren't many lower class homes extant, since they tended to be made of wattle and daub rather than stone.  I'm taking some artistic license and doing the lower portion of the house in brick.  I've also closed up one of the doors and am turning the bay window into a sales window.  Most villagers sold right out of their homes.  I built a base for the cottage, which will be clad with dressed stone, rocky landscaping, etc.  I'm not sure what this particular household will be selling, yet; something fun (for me!) to make.

The cottage's original chimney was cute, but not particularly realistic; I built a larger, less cute, and more functional chimney.

I also modified the access to the sleeping loft; where the original kit has the entrance, is also the perfect spot for a bed.  I'm going to do a carved railing around most of the edge.  I'm still debating on how to finish the interior walls.

The Glencroft was a little further along when I stopped working on it to do the Laurel/Mt. Hope Farm.  Having had some time away was beneficial; I decided I didn't like a few things I'd done, as well as had some new ideas.  I made a few changes to the Glencroft as well, having also built it a base (which will be landscaped similarly).  There's a greenhouse on one side, since I envision this cottage belonging to an herbalist of sorts, and I've added an outdoor oven.  It can be a little challenging (at least for me), giving architectural interest to what's essentially a one room cottage, but all the brick and stone makes it easier.



Lawrence said...

My thoughts are that both projects are beginning some amazing projects. I especially like the staircase in the second house. I will definitely be following the progress of these :)

Daydreamer said...

Hi C.J.! I like what you are doing with both the kits! I had to chuckle as I am currently re-re-designing the interior of my Aster Cottage.... one that I have not really blogged about at all! I also think the position they put the stairs was the only place for the bed, so I have been re-arranging the stairs over and over again! I will probably be posting soon about the current fix-ups! As for the Glencroft.... mine is still in the box.... I have resolved not to start it until at least ONE of my other projects is done.... ! (LOL!) I am also a lover of all things Medieval and want to make some Witches houses too... Actually, my Aster is home to some of my Witches.... Sorry to ramble on here! I love to see what you make... you are so fearless with scale and materials! I learn a lot from you!

PILAR6373 said...

me gusta mucho como te está quedando!! El revestimiento de piedras es perfecto y el color verde envejecido le va genial!!!!! Buenos avances!!

Steinworks said...

Like Daydreamer said I learn a lot from watching you and your projects I think it's a lot of fun watching you solve the unsolveable with great results.


Giac said...

Hello CJ,
Terrific work! I love how you take kits that are not of the highest quality and change them into fantastic miniature houses. I love the changes you are making to each structure, but the new chimney in the Astor cottage is superb. I cannot wait to see them come t life. Excellent work, they have a lot of architectural interest already.
Big hug,

Portia said...

WOW!! I'm so inspired! I'm completely self-taught, and was wondering how to even start a project like this. As I have very little money for "store-bought" items, so your blog and pictures are from Heaven!!
Portia (retired nurse and wanna-be architect)