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Monday, April 21, 2014

I Now Sell Photographs!

And one of the photographs I'll be taking soon (and not selling) is an illustration of what 5,500 assorted bricks and stones look like.  I've been spending much of my free time, over the past couple of weeks, cutting and sanding and punching and generally doing all the boring prep work that goes into a couple of large projects (including a filled greenhouse).  Something else I've also been doing is, slowly but surely, adding new listings to my Etsy shop.  Photographs, mainly digital files but some actual physical objects.  These are all pictures I've taken, over the recent (and semi-recent) months, in and around where we live.

Here's a preview:

So there it is, folks.  Onward and upward.  Thoughts?


Steinworks said...

I love them, the little child photos are adorable but that seagul photo is in the wrong place I was looking at the house photos and up popped the bird and scared me..LOL..I think they're should make the post cards


C.J. said...

Thank you! My son is my best model. And...we have bionic seagulls here. Really. That's not even an unusually large seagull for this area! A big redneck activity around here is feeding seagulls french fries, so if you stop anywhere to eat, seagulls will come over to your car to investigate.

Giac said...

Hello CJ,
You are a wonderful photographer and I think your pictures will be very popular. Your area is so beautiful and so full of inspiring shots, but That little guy is the most beautiful little guy ever. Best of luck with the new venture.
Big hug,

Hoa Bracken said...

Congratulations on your new listing, C.J.! The photos look wonderful. The colors of each and every one of them are just so amazing. I can tell that the photos you posted are raw and untouched. I'm sure they'll brighten up even more vividly when printed. It's definite that they'll sell well because you have a great eye for photography. I wish you luck on your business!

Hoa Bracken @ Master Copy Print

Blogger said...

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Polly said...

Your houses are beautiful. I also love the photo of Krishna.