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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Work Room, Bedroom--Almost There!

These two rooms are almost done.  What the work room needs is the banister, etc for the completed staircase.  What the bedroom needs is carpet.  Although wall to wall carpet conjures up images of 1950's America, it's actually been part of American decor since roughly the Civil War era.  And for much the same reason it's in use today: because hardwood floors were expensive.  For the most part, builders used whatever they had on hand--soft wood, splintery wood, etc etc etc.  Floors were, on the balance, so horrible that they had to be covered up to be useful.  Canvas floor cloths, carpets, wall to wall carpeting, all of these were solutions.  I also thought that, from the perspective of creating a nice sense of ambiance, carpet would give the bedroom a certain cozy air.  Or, at least, that's the hope.

In the work room--which could also be used as an upstairs sitting room, or additional bedroom, I suppose (although there's also a bedroom on the third floor), the rocking chair and stool are just there for scale.  The pot-bellied stove is intended to be part of the room but, like the other fixtures, is removable.  My idea was that, much like with the fireplace downstairs, the fireplace was bricked up and a more "modern" heating source installed.

The door to the bathroom.

I've done a fair bit of work on the other remaining rooms as well, but nothing picture-worthy.  I've been stalled on the formal parlor, due to some needed supplies taking their sweet, sweet time to arrive.  I've also been working on a few pieces of furniture, and on the stone for the mausoleum (which, in response to a question in the comments, will also be made from egg cartons--but slightly differently than before; a separate post on that topic is to come).


Michelle said...

We had an era like this in erm the 1940's and 50s I think (?!) where these colours were used. I love the unusual rooms shapes and dimensions. ;o)

I'm guessing you've used all Chrysnbon windows and doors? I love the windows the most and I'm guessing you get the handles and window locks within the kits? I can buy opening windows in the UK in Georgian style but I can't find a UK supplier for these Chrysnbon windows, nor for the window locks, so I'm a green as your rooms over that!

It's looking rather wonderful in all C.J! :o))

C.J. said...

I personally am a big fan of the Chrysnbon windows, doors, etc. The hardware comes with the windows (and doors) BUT can also be purchased separately. I buy all of mine through Oakridge Hobbies ( and it might be worth finding out if they ship internationally. The expense would, I believe, be greatly offset by the current exchange rate.

Michelle said...

I will be forever in your debt with that website! I have found some gems and many things I can't source in the UK. :o))

I much prefer plastic windows and doors, etc., they are so much easier to paint and distress and the detailing is much finer and to scale compared to the wooden ones. I love adding all the hardware...I have window handles on mine, but now I can have locks too!

Many thanks. :o))

Elizabeth S said...

Hi C.J. Your rooms are progressing very nicely and the color combination of the yellow room is very cheerful and pretty! I would certainly want to "set a spell" in that rocker by the stove any day! :D


Irene said...

Isn't it funny when we look but don't take things in? I had studied all the pics then had to go back because Michelle had picked up on the window locks!

Your little stove looks really substantial - it's a nice piece.