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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Laurel: Hall, Front Door, and...a Rug!

I still need to do a little touch-up work around the front door, but to all intents and purposes the hall is now done.  Painting the Chrysnbon doors has been a challenge, mainly because they're fairly easy to scuff up even with a protective top coat, but overall I'm pleased with the results.

This is the variegated rubber tree I made for the Beacon Hill; it's enjoying its temporary home.

I tried to give the floor an old, "scuffed" look.  The scuff marks are all under the varnish, though; I have a thing about smooth surfaces (and I also like surfaces I can keep clean!)  I'm never entirely happy with my floors, for whatever reason, but I think this one came out alright.  It certainly goes with the overall theme of the house, which is a mix of old and "modern."  I've also been pleasantly surprised at how well the plastic blends with the real wood.

This is a close-up of the rug I made.  I had a hard time finding the rugs I wanted, so eventually I just started experimenting on my own.  I don't plan on this hall being the rug's final home, as it's a little fancy, but the colors worked well so I used it as a background.  I've made a few different rugs over the past few days, and also a floor cloth.  Pictures to come!

Also, too, I'm not sure if this is the hutch's final home but when I made the kitchen appliances, I went for broke and made the whole set (including the table and chairs, which are still on my workbench half finished).



Steinworks said...

I think the rug fits well there, if you are going for a period home dont forget to make something for people to wipe the muck off their shoes near the front door *inside and out* (things weren't as sanitary then as they are now if you get what I mean)


Susan Korman said...


I love, love, love the rug. The stain glass window for the door is great. Love the colors. Things look really good and it's starting to look homey and well loved.


AcidLiborio Aru said...

WoW. How perfect!