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Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Complete Chrysnbon Kitchen

The kitchen is, for the most part, done.  Over the next few weeks, as I finish the other rooms, I hope to add a few more accessories--a table, a bowl with some fruit, a couple of pewter candlesticks--but since the primary task here is finishing the house I'm moving on.  I'm not trying to sell a completely furnished house, although I can't resist adding a few things in!  The design of the kitchen is based on a selection of photographs of old houses and, in one case, an advertisement from the late 1800's.  

If you've read my cookware tutorial, you know how I made the cookware.  The stove itself, what I've been referring to on Facebook as the "thoroughly modern stove," is made from a combination of illustration board and cadged parts from three Chrysnbon stove kits.  The doors, of course, and then the hob grate is made from a couple of baking racks.

I really love the Chrysnbon kits, always have.  One of my great crafting sorrows is that the company never released more kits!  I'd love a proper bed kit, or a desk.  But I digress.  Formerly, the challenge to me, when it comes to the pieces that are supposed to be wood, is the obnoxious grain.  Here, what I did was finish the pieces with a combination of spray paint (Rust-Oleum "Painter's Touch" in "Strawflower"), spray fix and pastels.  The challenge was to give the pieces a worn look, without having them look as though they've just gone to pot entirely.  This is supposed to be an old house, even by the standards of its supposed era, but well maintained.

For now, you're going to have to imagine the door leading into the hall; I had a minor (fixable, luckily!) accident with the floor in there so that step is slightly delayed.  The hall is, in fact, the next room I plan on finishing but I have to complete the stained glass insert for the front door first and that, depending on my "real world" schedule, may take awhile.  However, I'm hopeful that I'll have some interesting progress to report, soon.

As regards the kitchen, any thoughts?  Questions?  Concerns?


Diane Costanza said...

The room came out wonderful! I love the Chrysonbon kits. I have a fewj. Love your loor and wainscoting!


Diane Costanza

Elizabeth S said...

Hi C.J.! This kitchen project has turned out so well. I have to say that I really admire the end results of the cast iron stove and the way that you have made room to display all of the cook ware. The other elements had found the right spots too. The finish on the appliances pick out the corresponding colors in the stone slab floor!
Such a comfortable looking Country Kitchen! :))


iseecerulean said...

Fantastic :D

Daydreamer said...

Wow! As usual... you accomplish so much and it all looks fantastic! I have no experience with the chrysnbon kits... I have bought a bathroom kit... but it is winter and until I can "ventilate" I won't be able to do any spray projects. I look forward to seeing what you will accomplish next!