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Monday, March 24, 2014

A Bathroom!

After posting about my carpet dilemma, I realized that I had something else to post about--something that is (at least to me!) exciting!  At long last, I've finally finished with the bathroom.  I love the Chrysnbon bathroom kit, and if given the opportunity will put it in nearly any house I make.  Overall, I'm quite pleased with how the room turned out.  The design changed slightly, over time, becoming progressively more minimalist.  I'm also pleased with how the window came out.  I've been experimenting with a few new techniques, which I plan on using on my next project (the one after the mausoleum), which will have a great deal of stained glass.

And here, below, is an unrelated picture of me working on the staircase.  Excitingly, barring a few small (no pun intended) fixes and additions, I'm almost done with the inside!  Then it's back to the outside for landscaping...and the roof, of course...and then, sale!

Thoughts?  I haven't heard from too many people in awhile, I hope you're all well!


Michelle said...

I love the walls and ceiling in the bathroom, lovely overall effect! I love that bathroom suite, one I have used myself.

It's great to see another miniaturist with paint on their hands, it all adds the realism of what we do! lol I always seem to take photo's with something or another on mine! lol

Superb! I look forward to seeing the roof! :o))

Simon said...

Oh man! You're nearly finished the inside?? I hope you have another project up your sleeve as I don't know what I'm going to do once thus house is complete!!
I love the carpet. I found similar styles from a lovely lady on eBay who prints her own designs, at very reasonable prices.
Your window is a mini triumph, I'm intrigued about the project you have lined up after the mausoleum .
Keep up the great work

C.J. said...

Michelle, I, too, look forward to seeing the roof. Alas, my shingles haven't come yet. Originally, I was planning on making my own but then I chickened out. Simon, I do! After the mausoleum, I intend to work on two things: a gent's suite of rooms above an apothecary shop, and a reproduction--at least of one wing--of Roseland Cottage in Woodstock, CT (USA). The suite/shop are going to have a great deal of odds and ends, as well as carvings and stained glass. It'll also be a chance to get that overwhelming desire to work on miniature ormolu out of my system.

Michelle said...

C.J. I have made my own roof tiles, but to be honest you can buy really authentic looking ones (correct look and thickness) so I do now! :o)

Love the sound of the apothecary with the gents suite of rooms above! Oooh I hope you do that after the mausoleum!

iseecerulean said...

Gorgeous! The stained glass window turned out spectacularly, and I like the wooden base on the sink, what a great way to give the kit a fresh look.

Steinworks said...

I love how the house is coming together but after opening my big mouth and upsetting you I thought I should just be quiet for a while. sorry if I created an issue sometimes I should just butt out of things..hope we're still blog friends?


C.J. said... upset me? How?

C.J. said...

For the record, Marisa, I consider you to be a lovely individual and by far one of my favorite readers!

Steinworks said...

Oh thank you :) ..hehe you made me blush