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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Laurel: The Kitchen, Part I, and the First Window

The idea behind this kitchen is that what is now the kitchen was originally the first part of the house; the walk-in fireplace has been retrofitted with a "thoroughly modern" stove.  This house's stove is based on an advertisement in an old newspaper that I found.  It, in my husband's words, "looks like something from the IKEA catalogue" right now, but it won't once it's been painted (I devoutly hope!)  The body of the stove is made of illustration board and wood, with a few Chrysnbon accents; I have a box of Chrysnbon odds and ends that I fish out for different projects.  The window is also a Chrysnbon window; this is my first time using them, and I'm sold!

Here is my son, very seriously watching Mickey.

Imagine all of the bricks painted and grouted!

Imagine it as cast iron!

Imagine them filled with herbs!

I'm going to fill the cute little Henry Bart pots I bought awhile ago with herbs and things, to live on the windowsill.  The beadboard is going to be dark wood, like the window, while the walls and ceiling are going to be plaster (I love that plaster wallpaper!)  I'm also going to build a suitable mantel for the fireplace, ideally where I can hang some pots and pans and things and where perhaps a plate or two can be displayed.

It's nice to finally be working on the inside...


Susan Korman said...

That's a lot of imagining! Lol! Funny thing is that I can imagine and it is going to look awesome. I can't believe how wonderful things look and how fast it is all coming together. It is fun to watch and I only hope it is half as fun to do :-)


iseecerulean said...

Gorgeous! Great job with the bricks. Thanks for the details about the aging process you did, it's a wonderful help.

The Little Things said...

Fantastic! I could look at it all day. Wonderful work.

Elizabeth S said...

Hi C.J. ! I can well imagine and I can hardly wait! I am taking not on how you constructed your cast iron stove as I will soon have a go at making one myself.
I love the windows both inside and out. The entire feel of the house is becoming a home right before our very eyes. LOVE EVERYTHING! :D

p.s. your little guy is serious about Mickey! I was a big Mickey Mouse club fan when I was a child too, only I was old fashioned and watched him on t.v. The times they are achangin but "Mickey Love' remains the same. :))