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Friday, February 21, 2014

The Laurel: The Exterior Trim, So Far

I've finished installing most of the trim, except the exterior doors and windows.  The next step is to age the trim a little, so it doesn't look too brand new.  I'm pretty psyched to see how it looks with the windows, which should be soon; I just need to finish painting them.  Actually sitting down to put a coat of paint on them is the problem!  I have a bunch of windows and one door that are, at this point, half painted.

The trim style is based on that of typical Ohio farmhouse architecture; actually, it's an amalgam of two different real life houses.  The porch is waiting for its corbel brackets; I had to special order them and they haven't arrived yet.  But I have high hopes for how they'll add to the overall look of the place.  The addition of the porch, too, is what (I think) gives the house its distinctly American look.  But, I'm interested in everyone's thoughts.

The beginnings of the kitchen floor.

This is actually two separate paints!  On the left, Americana's "Blue Mist" and on the right, Testors "Fulcrum Gray/Green."

The corbels are really going to add, I think.

I placed the baskets just to make sure I have enough; these are going to be (removable) hanging baskets, full of various flowers and plants.  I'm going to transform them into hanging baskets with some jewelry chain, but that's way ahead in this project.  I just think that, with the wisteria vine (which will be climbing the right-hand side of the porch, toward the kitchen) it'll really add.  Our real-life house is covered with plants, and we have a few wisteria vines.



otterine said...

Oh, I love it! I'm starting to hear the 1:12 scale locusts in the trees! :D

Michelle said...

I just love it! It's wonderful and looks so wonderful real! You've got the colour and ageing so perfect!!!! WOW! ;o))

Isabel said...

Te está quedando preciosa la fachada, las cestas con flores se verán geniales adornadola. Un trabajo maravilloso!!!!
Besitos y feliz fin de semana.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful work-- love the detail on the brick aging and mossing. I am curious about your grouting process; did you seal and then wipe on the grout? Looking forward to seeing your interior design too-- regards, rbytsdy from the Greenleaf forum

Susan Korman said...

Love the front porch! I think it screams Americana and so does the trim color. Wonderful. It is looking so wonderful and I love taking this journey with you.


Irene said...

I'm very impressed with the detail on the chimney AND the kitchen floor and can't wait to see what you do with the inside.

Steinworks said...

it's lovely, I cant wait to see it all together :)