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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ready for Paint!

Here's where I am:

Next step: paint.  This project (which is still in search of a name) started out as the Laurel from Greenleaf (with the addition, the Primrose, added).  I made a couple of major changes, the most major of which being adding a second floor to the addition.  I also flipped the sides, placing the chimney where the door was supposed to be and adding another chimney on the other side.  I like houses that tell stories (in miniature and in real life) and this is a house that was originally built in 1802 and then given a "modern" remodel in 1880 or so.  I'm pleased with how everything is looking so far, but think the facade will be a lot more exciting once I add the porch (and some trim).


Margaret said...

Wow, another fabulous project and so much work done already and looking great. I shall enjoy each and every update.

Giac said...

Hello CJ,
It is incredible. I still cannot believe how beautifully you have finished the kit. I am in awe. the chimney really is wonderful!
Big hug,

C.J. said...

Thank you both so much!!!

Steinworks said...

I can not believe all the attention to detail you have put into that house! if this is just the house I can't wait to see how the porch turns out..very impressive


Susan Korman said...

Wow! This project is moving along quick and looks awesome!