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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Finishing the Bricks--Part II

So far, I've finished one side of the house (but not the chimney, I'm saving that for tomorrow).  As we're all still sick, I decided to call it a night and save the rest for tomorrow morning.  I mixed a tan grout and, after floating, removing, drying, etc etc etc, I went over the area with a combination of pastels.  I used a medium gray wash, followed by another orange-y wash.  Then, I added "dirt" in the appropriate places.  Pre-pastels, in certain places (namely the concave corners), I did another "dirt" wash with watered down grayish brown paint.  I hate how grouting leaves these bright, clean-looking crevices!



otterine said...

Hmm...I use paint washes of black and brown and it stains the grout dark right away. It gets messy, but it works. Is the grout not picking up any color from your washes? What material it is?

white grout:

dark grout from the paint washes:

Susan Korman said...

Love the color of the bricks now! They don't look bright and look like they've been around for quite awhile. They look very realistic and I think you're doing a great job very quickly.


Susan Korman said...

I'm also sorry you and your family are all sick. Feel better soon.


Jackshouse said...

Excellent work!
Well that's not a real house, otherwise the chimney is cracked in half ;) My grandfather-stovemaker taught to me that the bricks must be linked.
A speedy improving your health!

Giac said...

Hello CJ,
Again, I am in total admiration of your work. the bricks are fantastic and the structure looks incredible...Absolutely fantastic. thank you so much for all your tips and techniques. it is greatly appreciated. I hope you all get well soon!
Big hug,

Simon said...

It looks amazing, well done!