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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Dollhouse!

So, I've really missed having a dollhouse to work on.  The Beacon Hill was just too large of a project for our current space--and, thanks to my husband, I have (actually, he, I, and my son share) a small but wonderful and well-equipped craft room!--but I eventually came to the realization that no dollhouse at all was just too depressing.  Although then the challenge became, what house could I build with the limited tools on hand?  All of my larger woodworking equipment is in storage, and will be until (hopefully sooner rather than later) we're able to buy a larger place.  After considering various options, I decided to build the Glencroft; we had a kit on hand already, and it'd be a house I'd be able to finish mostly with alternative products (egg cartons, here we come!)  I knew I did want to make a few structural changes to the kit, but nothing I couldn't accomplish with a miter box and a few razor blades...

The Glencroft, straight out of the box.

Another view.
I thought the Glencroft was a great house but, to be honest, a little boring.  I wasn't a fan of a few of the architectural elements (like the picket fence) and felt like it could be made a little more interesting.  So in my Glencroft, I'm going to do some half timbering but mostly stone cladding.  Well, "stone."  I'm also going to do a little design work to the chimney to make it more exciting.  The roof is going to be sod.  I built a base for the dollhouse to sit on; I felt comfortable using relatively lightweight materials, because it is going to be covered with so much stuff--spackling and air dry clay and who knows what else.  But, all that is in the future. 

The house so far.

That door isn't the real door, just a placeholder.

The oven--or what will be the oven.

Once I do a little sanding, I'm excited to start the cladding!

So...thoughts?  Also, too, I need a name for the house.  I envision it being something of a fantasy cottage; there's too much glass for it to be exactly historically accurate and, anyway, fantasy is more fun.  I wanted to add a greenhouse so I'd have an excuse to make lots of plants; I envision this being something of a (friendly) witch's house, with all manner of tomes and potions lying about.


Giac said...

Hello CJ,
I cannot wait to see how you finish this project. I quite like the cottage kit and think that your ideas to modify it are terrific.
Have fun!
Big hug,

Irene said...

Happy New Year and it's nice to see you back full of exciting plans. The Glencroft looks to be a good sized property - not too big and your plans sound great. I'm looking forward to following you with this.

Steinworks said...

Happy New Year, what colors will you be using on the inside?


Michelle said...

Great to see you back CJ! Happy New Year!

It's great to seeing back mini working again! I'm glad the beacon hill is still around (even if it is on hold!). I own the Glencroft too, and I agree it has some irks! However, they are easily changed. ;o)) Mine will be a fantasy will belong to Sugar Plum, but she's isn't strictly a fairy..more half witch! lol

I look forward to seeing more...and you've made a fab start already!

Michelle :O))

otterine said...

Happy New Year! :D I like your plan for the Glencroft.

Susan Korman said...

Hello C.J.,

I'm a relatively new follower and can't wait to see what becomes of your Glencroft! I definitely like the fantasy too!


Elizabeth S said...

Hi C. J.! I have a Glencroft stored in my garage for nearly 14 years and during that time,rodents got to it and trashed it. I won't get rid of it because i still like it and hope someday to revive it again, so watching what you do to your Glencroft is of great interest to me. Your skill in transforming the Beacon Hill was Fascinating, and I really like what you are doing with this kit too. It appears that this project is going to be just as interesting as the other... I can hardly wait! :D